The current status of services and any planned maintenance windows can be found below.

Current UTC Time: 10:34:52 29-Jan-2020

Service team availability

Our service team are currently under an increased workload which has resulted in long phone queues and delays in response to email and tickets.

We kindly ask that if you do have an unanswered email that you allow extra time for the team to respond. We also suggest and ask that for all non-urgent requests you raise a ticket rather than calling our team, this will allow us to prioritise issues effectively and get through the backlog as quickly as possible.

We know that fast and professional responses to your support contacts are important, and are very sorry to be letting you down at this time. We are working overtime to assist in removing the backlog, and working to expand the resources available within the team to assist you further.

Thank you for your extended patience through this time.

Hosting platform closure

As we work to streamline the products and services Domainmonster provides we made the decision to close our hosting platform as of July 5th. Before this decision was made we did inform all customers by email, including a voucher code for free hosting elsewhere. I understand that many customers might have missed this email, so our service team are able to provide you with a backup of your site. This request has to be submitted through to our email support team, please include the domain names / websites in question, and if you had any database connected to your site.


We are aware that some users may be experiencing issues regarding mail certificate errors.

The will be an error thrown such as
"The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified"
Please be advised that you should continue to use the certificate.

For iOS devices, when prompted with the error "Cannot verify server identity" to press details and after that trust.

As an alternative, please use as smtp/imap servers with the SSL ON ports.

*price excludes VAT & based on maximum bulk discounts. †subject to registry imposed fees. Telephone orders charged at small premium. Please refer to price list.